Intensive Program

California Dance Company is home to three award-winning Companies within our Intensive Program: Elite, Premier and Power.

All companies require talent, commitment, dedication, passion, hard work, an eagerness to learn, and a desire to perform and grow as a dancer. And, what your child will gain from the experience in the Intensive Program is priceless - as both a dancer and an individual. There is virtually no limit to what our  members can experience, accomplish and learn as a part of the Intensive Program if they set their mind to it.  

Auditions are complete for this dance season. Specifics about next season's auditions are on our Intensive Program Auditions page.


At California Dance Company we strive to provide a solid technical foundation, excellent service, focus on the dancer as a whole and continue to be a leader in dance education in the North State. We believe that when everyone works together, we can exceed expectations, encourage creativity, contribute to our community, and become positive role models.  

Our program mentality is a very positive one! We believe a positive approach helps produce a positive outcome, and there is always something higher to achieve. We want our dancers to focus on doing their personal BEST, not winning. For us, competition will always be about motivating, inspiring, and educating kids in a positive environment.